"The days we spent with Jayleen will live in our minds forever."

July  2017

Being a professional photographer, we can be a pretty demanding group…and picky!  The days we spent with Jayleen will live in our minds forever and currently have me replacing my old whale photographs (which I thought were good)  with the ones we just came back with. At one point, the whales were so close that our long lenses were beyond their minimum focus, so we just put our cameras down and watched in awe.    And oh….Orcas on the way home.   Perfect.    

​--Jeff Smith 

Jeff also took the liberty of collaborating an amazing video from the photos taken on his Jayleen's Alaska tours, click the link below to enjoy:


© Jeff Smith  2017

"Their years of experience on the water shone        

July  2016

“An 8 – 16 person boat filled with people jockeying for a whale-viewing vantage point did not appeal, and when I found “Jayleen’s Alaska” through Google, it felt right.  Six people max, with an option for a custom tour. Perfect.

“Captain Jayleen looks even younger in person than she does in her picture, and on learning her story, it’s easy to figure out why: the whales keep her and first mate Emily young and curious and ever-wondering at what these magnificent creatures will do next. As if it wasn’t exciting enough to listen to the humpbacks sing through the hydrophone, it’s infectious to watch them discover new whales sounds themselves – humpbacks, apparently, can moo!

“Whale-watching is an experience that’s best shared (as I did with my son, Josh) but can remain intensely personal.  I’ve been wanting to see whales in their natural habitat my whole life, and to know you’re in their turf where they are doing exactly what they want, in their time and for their own reasons, just makes one feel blessed to be able to do so.  Capturing them on camera is an immense bonus, especially since I’d been praying to witness the humpbacks bubble-net feeding.

“Having Jayleen and Emily on-hand to point out the signs to watch for – even the false alarms from the seagulls-- was great.  Their years of experience on the water shone through.  We didn’t miss a single bubble-net feed, and it was just amazing to be part of it all.

“If you want a similarly personal tour, go with these ladies.  You’ll be rewarded with a fantastic experience.

--Poch Ambrosio, Philippines”

© Poch Ambrosio  2016

"...this trip might change our lives...

© Dirk Kums  2016

June  2016

Jayleen, Jayleen, Jayleen, Jayleen 
take us to the whales today Jayleen
you take us to the whales to watch 
and tell us about the things you catch 
we learn a lot new facts today Jayleen 

Jayleen you wear your hair so blond
 the engine makes a mighty sound 
this trip might change our lives again Jayleen 

no rain and wind but sun today
 this is no day like everyday Jayleen 
we thank you for your skills
 a young girl seldom seen Jayleen 

you will be in our hearts for long Jayleen 
Jayleen Jayleen Jayleen Jayleen 
you brought us safely home again

-J'O (Johan)

© Dirk Kums  2016

© Dirk Kums  2016

"We had so much fun..."

July  2015

We had the opportunity to have miss Jayleen run our whale watching tour last summer 15' in Juneau! We had so much fun and she has so much knowledge growing up there that we never had a dull moment! We will see you again Jayleen! Come to Texas anytime

"...an experience I will never forget..."

August 2013

 Whale watching with Captain Jayleen was nothing less than phenomenal. Vivacious and intelligent, she wishes to give her passengers the best whale watching experience. When I toured with her, she went out of her way to teach me how to use my camera and, best of all, how to capture beautiful photographs. It was an experience I will never forget. She was able to get us to see bubble-net feeding humpbacks, look at the glaciers, and even spend some relaxing time on the water simply observing a mother humpback and her playful calf. Every minute on her tour was wonderful and I recommend all those interested in whale watching to take a trip with her. Even if you weren’t planning on going on a whale watch, you should, and go with her. You won’t regret it and will have a wonderful time viewing Alaskan marine life.
- Jayleen, this was my first bubble net feeding photo. I took it when I went on the boat with you. This is not edited or photo-shopped. Without your teachings, I would not have been able to capture this and am very thankful for you taking the time to educate me on how to use my Nikon. 

© Gabrille Lopez  2013

© Gabrille Lopez 2013

"...etched in my mind forever."

July  2012

My family’s vacation to Alaska is the most amazing trip we have ever taken. One of the special highlights of our trip was the whale watching tour we took with Jayleen Beedle as our captain. Jayleen has an amazing knowledge of these beautiful animals, not because she has read about them in books, but because she has grown up with them as her friends. The entire staff on board made the experience very personalized and enjoyable. They went out of their way to get to know us, answer questions, and accommodate us in any way they could.
Of course, the main objective of a whale watching tour is to see whales – and that we did! Lots of them! Not only did we see them from a distance, but we saw them close up! We also saw a lot of other local wildlife, which was icing on the cake. I was able to get some amazing photographs, which are not only hanging in my office now, but will be etched in my mind forever.
My expectations for this tour were far exceeded. We came away feeling like these beautiful creatures, as well as the tour staff, were our lifelong friends. When I return to Alaska someday (and I will), I will definitely be a repeat customer!