The M/V Alaskan Girl is a 26’ Sea Raider and was custom built for whale watching. The Alaskan Girl was built out of Colville, Washington in early 2014 and only has three working seasons under her belt—practically brand new!
She was made with a large bow area with lots of space for passengers to sit and enjoy the front of the boat. The back deck is also large enough to allow viewing for all the passengers on board. Inside the boat the windows are large and low enough that even while seated there is a clear look of the scenery and wildlife.
From a captain’s perspective, the boat turns on a dime and handles rough waters excellently.
Other amenities include a cooler (where complementary drinks can be found), personal cubby space and (last but certainly not least) a fully functioning Marine bathroom. 
If you would like to take a closer look at Raider boats, here is their link: .